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What do we do

Build Drupal Websites

PlexityNet leverages Drupal to build every site we make. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your requirements and how they map to Drupal. Together we analyse the information gathering to ensure that our proposed strategy will identify and meet your business objectives and that the site will reflect the business goals you have set.

Host Websites on Australian servers

Although we can install our sites on any server of your choosing, the majority of our clients prefer to be hosted with us. We specialize in providing a hassle-free effective solution, so we deal with the specifics concerning software, installation, security, bandwidth, storage space, email boxes, site upgrades and migrations, so that you don't have to.

Maintenance security Upgrades

PlexityNet also provides ongoing maintenance service to its clients. Maintenance typically covers the completion of small site enhancements and the resolution of system issues. Upgrades, security issues, site enhancements are carried out seamlessly without any interruption to your site. It is part of the service contract we enter into with you.

How we give you the best user experience 


Drupal means innovation. A development package full of new features to address your specific needs and ensure your product is presented the way you want it to be.

Security and reliability 

The Drupal community is totally focused on maintaining Drupal's lead in this. With the eye on always making your site faster, more secure and easier to use regardless of what technology you use be it phone, tablet or desktop


Drupal uses advanced caching techniques which makes delivering the content to authors and users a breeze. It ensures your content is displayed as quickly as possible to your computer screen.

Cost and effort

Build now on Drupal 10 with smooth upgrades into the future. Migrate your data into Drupal with assurity it can stay there into the future.

User experience 

We are not just talking about the final user of your site. Drupal is developed for the end user, the administrator as well as the developers themselves. Drupal is developed for the total chain from initial concept through to end user.

Future Proofed

Drupal has taken the lead in the field in web development.  No more costly rebuilds. The Drupal architecture is here to stay, and upgrades will be fully compliant with it so no costly rebuilds will ever be required.

Our Associations

PlexityNet leverages the open source Drupal CMS system to build every site we make. Drupal powers simple sites through to huge sites like and the  We also take advantage of other companies and leverage their service to make it happen.

Drupal Association
Media Temple

Your Drupal Site 
built to your specifications 

All PlexityNet Drupal websites are built using the current version of Drupal (Drupal 10 soon to become Drupal 11). They are built with a comprehensive set of standard features yet also offer the ability for you to extend these features as needed. PlexityNet has been working with Drupal since 2004, hence we know the system well. 

Drupal can be a simple brochure site to advertise your product. Or, it can be built for your clients to customise the product, select the quantity required and purchase the product with full backend control to track the financial transaction. 

All site components can be added at any stage in the sites lifecycle, for example you may choose to build your site with a forum to encourage user interaction or add an ecommerce shopping cart 6 months after your site has launched. Whenever your site is ready for that next stage, we can implement any required features. 

Drupal CMS is the tool for the future of web Development

PlexityNet focuses on developing simple, fast and responsive web sites that work as easily on a mobile phone as they do on a desktop computer. This ensures they are favoured by search engines. Built with the world class Drupal CMS your sites will present to your customer ahead of other site architecture displaying information clearly quickly and consistently.

Drupal, as open source, has a vast repository of modules that with some configuration plug into a basic Drupal site. Additionally, PlexityNet have the programming skills to build specific modules to meet your unique needs. 

About PlexityNet

Members of the team have been working in the web design field for over 27 years. PlexityNet has been a company for over 17 years. We formed a company to systematise and consolidate our working practices as we had been working together previously since the year 2000.

Web innovation lies at our heart, we constantly challenge convention. Through fresh thinking we are continually updating our skills in the field of web development. This ensures you will always be offered products that take full advantage of any new innovation in web design. We are committed to working in partnership with you, the client. Respecting your knowledge of your own fields of expertise and using ours to enhance that on the World Wide Web.

We are a remote company with no central office. We're located between the beautiful Northern Rivers of New South Wales and the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

Some of our work

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